Sunday, January 14, 2007

Functional Kitchen

Our kitchen looks ok in the pic doesn't it? Let me tell you, it was designed by a straight man.

I am just short of six feet tall, 180, 75, short fair, smooth.........sorry, that came out automatically. I can't reach some of the cupboards. Given there was some thought given to Asian buyers when this building was built, it is surprising.

Take the top cupboard to the right. The only way I can reach the top shelf on the right hand side is to sit up on the bench backwards and twist around.

The top cupboard to the left, just stretch and reach, or getting some sort of hook to get things from the back corner.

I really noticed this when our visitor from Japan was here. She is average woman height and could not reach much at all in the top cupboards.

Then there are the lower corner cupboards. Fine if something is at the front, but if you want something from the back of the cupboard, it is an on the knees job peering into darkness.

Really, I find the kitchen pretty ok to work in, but them I am only the bottle washer, not the head chef.

Oh for the days of Prosper Parade with a large kitchen, plenty of good cupboards and a three metre long by two metre high pantry cupboard.


  1. The most essential thing in my kitchen, apart from someone else to wash dishes, is a walk-in pantry. Second is no handles on drawers or cupboards. Overhead cupboards are totally useless and designed by men.

  2. i take it R is a little taller than you?

  3. So you do close cupboards and drawers Jah Teh?

    He is 183 Kiki. Three centimetres can make all the difference :-P

  4. I LOVE that kitchen. Invest in a little step stool and all will be well.

  5. Careful doing that backward twist thing... i threw my back out doing that once cause imma shorty

  6. Anonymous10:19 am

    OKAY, every time I have tried to comment in the past 2 weeks blogger ends up telling me there was some error.

    That is one bright kitchen wall you have!

  7. It doesn't look that bad. Albeit a little too crampt for my tastes.

  8. I had the builder carve notches into the underside of cupboards and drawers so it gives a nice smooth look.

  9. Steph, there is no where to store a stool, nearby anyway. I just call R.

    I know exactly what you mean Jo.

    Not sure about the blogging problem Jess. Must check your blog for updates. You think the kitchen is bright?

    It doesn't feel cramped with one person in it Bobby, but it is impossible to have two people in it and you can't open the fridge when the dishwasher is open.

    Carved notches. I was thinking something else for a minute Jah Teh.

  10. Anonymous6:54 am

    maybe it is just the flash bouncing off the white walls.

    I just think I had the bad luck that everytime I came to leave a comment blogger was having some kind of growing pain.

  11. Carved notches, anything left to use?