Monday, January 15, 2007

Emails sent

Hi D.
While I was in the lift with C and the two building staff, my partner was the person in the adjacent lift. He was fine and not increasingly agitated as you mentioned on your website, and as a dutiful committee member, went to the already rostered candlelight lit body corp committee meeting at six o'clock. Note, nothing stops the committee in this building. My partner's lift door was also propped open by his and other peoples doing. A nice Chinese lady resident brought a telephone book along to wedge his lift door open.
For your information, there is not a pile up of grease etc at the bottom of the lift. Someone dropped their keys down the gap and when they were retrieved, it was noted that the area was clean. My partner was concerned about fire as the alarm was sounding, but I later assured him that the fire system would kick in, smoke detectors, stairwell air pressurisation, shut down of ventilation, sprinkler pumps driven by an emergency generator, tested weekly, at great expense, both monetary and water. There are issues within the building where systems failed and they are being addressed. Our lifts are well maintained and should never drop. There is also a vent in the lifts, note the holes in a circle on the lift circle that looks like a speaker. Stand under it as the lift travels upwards and you can feel the air coming in. While it does not force air in while the lift is stationary, it does mean that you won't suffocate if trapped in the lift.
Eureka has an emergency generator for their lifts, but it would seem to have failed and people were trapped all over the building. At least all our building's doors unlocked and the car park door was able to be manually raised.
I personally never thought the power would go off to our building, but it did and it will happen again at some time. Both **** and the body corp committee are reviewing the event to see what can be improved, including returning lifts to the nearest floor and doors opening, or a least released.
It was good that the full body corp committee were there to support us trapped in the lift. One misguided member brought along a battery radio so we could hear you broadcasting. **** staff stayed on at work to deal with us and their many buildings in a similar situation as ours. The contracted lift company did as well as could be expected to free us given the widespread problem.
It does trouble me as to why our area was without power for four hours and some areas never lost their's at all. What happened to rotational power outages?
Please pass on our thanks to one of C's staff. I** maybe? He was a great support and thank god for C's laptop.
Hope the long stair climb was not too onerous.
Andrew C.

I have been a member of Joy since the mid nineties I think, membership
number ***, and I find this all very disturbing. That such
dissatisfaction is allowed to fester troubles me. I will add that I
only know what I have read on Qmelb.

I don't listen to Joy very often now, but not because of the program
content. I just don't like music very much. But even if I don't tune
into Joy often I am quite happy to pay my sub as I think Joy is
invaluable to many people.

In my workplace we have an amenities fund and ructions occurred last
year with many members resigning. I too resigned and I told the person
in charge why. If you cannot work with people who volunteer their
labour, time and efforts, then there is a problem and I don't feel I
can continue to contribute money towards the fund. The friction later
cooled and I have since rejoined.

I live in a large building with a very active body corporate
committee. Meeting after meeting went on for hours as the finer
details of charges and accounts were queried. They were queried for
good reason as mistakes had been made as had some cheating. The result
was much more openness and detail of charges and a mindset change by
the body corporate managing company. The other buildings they manage
have received the same benefit now.

It is all about openness. Openness to members so that they are kept
up to speed with the internal workings of Joy and even more openness
to those who labour within. We should also see detailed accounts down
to fine detail as to where money goes to and comes from. Such openness
will quickly quell any queries and accusations.

Does Joy really need an overall manager? It certainly needs paid
administrative people and an office manager, but I thinking maybe an
overall manager is not required.

It is sad for all the hard working volunteers at Joy that I will be
seriously considering my renewal of my subscription this year. I had
hoped to be granted life membership sometime, perhaps the year before
I died, but it would seem this will not be so.

If it was not for Qmelb, I would know nothing of any of this and this
is of real concern to me too. Where is the Joy forum?

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