Sunday, January 07, 2007

Barry Humphries show Back with a Vengeance

The seats in the State Theatre at the Arts Centre are awful. I fidgeted, the guy next to me fidgeted, R on the other side of me fidgeted and the three lasses we were with fidgeted. However, the uncomfortable seats did not stop me from dropping off for a quick snooze during Sandy Stone's appearance. I did pretty well not dropping off during Sir Les's appearance.

It was not that they were boring really, I have just seen it all before many times. Those in the know tell me the nursing home stuff was quite insightful.

Of course I have seen Dame Edna before too, many times, but the latter half where she was on stage for the whole time was very good and very entertaining. For a seventy three year old to be onstage for an hour and a half performing is amazing. There was lots of audience interaction, as is usually the case.

A woman in her seventies was 'dna' matched compatible with a young man and after a mock wedding, the lad's mother was rung at the Lake Tyers' camping park and informed of the marriage. A strung out "puhlease" was her first reaction. Rather brought the house down.

A very sharp remark was made about 'Daylesford women' passing the position of director of the Melbourne festival onto each other.

I am sure it will be the last time I will see Barry Humphries on stage and I am pleased I went.

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