Sunday, January 14, 2007

Angry Highriser

I am getting angry about all this moslem stuff. Not the specific stuff we read in the papers but what is behind it.

This wanker moslem leader in a Sydney mosque bashes off to Egypt (leave my father alone, he is unwell, wails his daughter) and makes outrageous comments. He is not a stupid man though. He knows full well his words will be reported back in Australia. What is his agenda? Straight away I think he wants to divide Australian moslems and non moslem Australians, but I am not so sure. What is your theory?

Then there is our Federal Government who will use 'fear of moslems' at every politically opportune moment. Don't be surprised if state governments get on board. There could be a few votes in it for the disgraceful NSW Labor party when they are soon up for election.

While I don't live in the western or northern suburbs where there are many moslems and I think you know my views on the letter box women, the moslems I know, socially and at work, are ok people with one exception and why I would not trust him has nothing to do with him being a moslem.

Passionately religious people always bother me. Well, except for Buddhists.


  1. Anonymous6:45 pm

    Is there a typo in this (several) or am I missing something?

    My parents returned home from Dubai today. My mum suffered being a woman there, and found the country very repressive.

  2. Not my most lucid post hey Rosanna. The real point is to watch who has a vested interest in friction between moslem Australians and Anglo Australians along with earlier immigrants. I keep my general views on Middle Eastern politics and race/religious friction to myself.

  3. Anonymous12:44 pm

    I was confused with the spelling of muslim/moslem?

  4. I think both are correct but don't we mostly use moslem in Australia? Or maybe we don't.

  5. Anonymous9:40 pm

    God, I am not sure now. I had never seen the spelling moslem before but I am told that both are correct.

  6. Both spelling are correct, so relax. As for the crazy rantings of an old man overseas, the less attention paid to this person, the less likely he's going to be taken seriously. We should be enlightened enough these days to realise that the rants of one person certainly do not speak for an entire religion, just as the rants of one Prime Minister hardly speak for the entire country. His comments should be looked upon as being part of the good things about Australia - you can say what you want. The fact that what he says is complete and utter bollocks is without meaning. If he actually beleived what he was saying (about women and this country), why will he come back and why does he still have a missus?