Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Trouble in the highrise #33 (Updated)

Hi D.
We seem to have a problem on our floor with apartment ***. I am unsure of the status of ownership, but tenants recently moved out and it is undergoing a renovation.
Last Thursday carpet layers worked until 8pm and left a mess of carpet bits in both lifts and on our landing. I spoke with one of the carpet layers and he said he would do his best to clean up, but did not. I asked H about it the next day and he did not know anything about it but obligingly cleaned up the mess. I think lift protection should be up when carpet is moved in and out. I suggested to H that he should report the matter to you.
Yesterday the apartment front door was given an undercoat and then today the front door and adjacent skirting has been painted with a white, oil based gloss. As every door throughout the building is a standard colour, it rather stands out.
Clearly the owners are unaware of body corporate rules, although I know H has given them a copy.
I feel this matter really needs your attention. The carpet business is now past, but I don't think we can live with the odd coloured door and skirting at ***.
Best seasonal wishes,

And the reply

Thanks Andrew.
Definitely not correct procedure or protocol.
I will get right on to it,
Thanks for letting me know.


Dear Andrew,
I have tracked it down to an owner occupier who has just moved in and re-carpetted and painted their front door. They have been told that they did NOT follow protocol in the processes and that they will have to repaint their door if the correct colour was not used. Still investigating.

Further Update

Yes *** has not started things on a very good foot at all. I arrived at the building yesterday after 4pm and there was stuff all around the lift. P and I spoke to the owner who indicated that he had finished moving at 4.20pm and that he only had small items to bring in by hand, so P removed the lift protector. At 5pm N buzzed me and I went down to the foyer to find stuff all around the lift and guys trollying in more items.
Anyway, following Andrew's email yesterday the colour used to paint the door is not the same as the others it has been painted white and the others are not white. I attach photo to assist you in this matter. We should not ask them to rectify but rather have our own painter come in to fix it at their cost. If the painter is unable to match due to aging etc. it may mean that we will need to paint the entire floor and bill it to the owner. Anyway we will leave it to you.

On another matter, *** is a new owner occupier and not starting out to a very good foot. First of all he claims he booked the lift for his carpet but H did not have it down on the book. He claims the door colour is exactly the same as the others - I haven't checked yet. He did book the lift this afternoon from 2-4 but his truck broke down and did not arrive until 10 minutes to 4! H rang me and I spoke to the owner who said he could not help it and that he only had a few large items and the rest he could carry by hand. We agreed that H would put up the pads and he could have 20 minutes for his large items, then not lock off the lift after that. I told H to have P monitor the situation over the next hour or so. It is very difficult with an owner occupier. We could send a tenant away but an owner is a bit different consideration as you really can't deny them access to the building - we have been around this one before. Anyway he did seem to want to cooperate and offered to pay the Caretaker's time as he was going over the 4 pm deadline.

Dear all,
It is too bad that an owner would not respect rules and protocols, but there is little we can do but charge him for his transgreesions.
We will attend to the paint/repaint of the door.


  1. You should think yourself lucky i don't own an apartment there. My door would be bright pink and to hell with all of you! :P

  2. Ve haf vays and means of dealing with recalitrants.