Monday, May 21, 2007

Draft 07/12/06 Tales of the rich or not so rich

Retail businessman, drives a four wheel drive, child goes to private school, lives in Balwyn, dines in find restaurants, would not be seen dead on public transport, employed three staff, one of whom was a friend of mine.

Woman on a bicycle, shopping stacked in the basket and on the back. What made me notice her the first time was that she was probably in her sixties and was cycling without a helmet. A closer look and I realised that her quite decent hair style just would not cope with a helmet. Hmmm, she has a dress on too, an expensive looking dress.

I have seen her a few times now and I now know she lives in a VERY expensive and exclusive apartment in Malvern.

Then there is the slightly eccentric and oldish resident in our building who was the chief complainent about famous bearded media person smoking chiminere. She lived next door to him and suffered the smoke in her apartment. I know she is seriously wealthy, but she also rides around on a bike for exercise and shopping. Although she does have a BMW for when the weather is inclement and to carry her golf clubs. She is also frequently seen on public transport.

Ah, back to the retail businessman, he had to sell the business to cover debts, sell his 4wd, rent a cheap flat, take the kid out of private school and is now a low income wage earner. Remember that survey of 4wd drivers? The survey about their social attitudes? He was the model. It couldn't have happened to a nicer person.


  1. Apologies for being totally off-topic but would be interested in your thoughts if any on Graham Kennedy biopic and Graeme Blundell's biography, King, if you've read it.

  2. I haven't read the book nor seen the movie and probably won't. I did write something about him back here and then another post in response to Daniel's comment.

  3. And add boy.html to the end of the last url.

  4. Yayyy for the treddly peddly :)

  5. The biopic, according to last week's green guide, looks pretty good. I'm waiting for it to come to free-to-air. I'm sure it's good, but not worth the thirty bucks a month for a year.

  6. Yeah, forgot Rob, it was on pay tv or something. Channel 9 regrets. I will watch it when it comes to free to air I guess.