Thursday, December 07, 2006

Southern Cross Station

I have not seen it at night as yet but I like Southern Cross Sation well enough in the daylight. It is large and spacious, just like an important railway station should be. It seems to function pretty well too. Bugger the cost I say.

I do lament the loss of the name Spencer Street Station, but already there seems to be a generation already who have only known it as Southern Cross. I know it hasn't been open long, it just seems like people have adapted so quickly.

Even taken into account that this is a very skillfully taken photo, doesn't it just look stunning at night. Click the pic of course. It deserves it.

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Adam Dimech, 2006. This and other gorgeous photos can be found at


  1. Personally, I prefer it as Spencer St station ..:-)

    It has a great design, yes but apparently the design isnt condusive for ventilation or something on that vein.

    Another Fed Sq fiasco?

  2. It was not good, but seems to have improved since then, at least during my last couple of visits. I wrote about it a couple of times in the past.

    It took me a while, but I like Fed Square.

  3. I don't think that Southern Cross will ever be considered one of the world's 'great' railway stations.

    The fact the tacked on DFO instead of building a proper bus interchange and possibly a second office tower gives this place a big thumbs down in my books.

  4. I love the new station.

    I would love it even more if it looked as wonderful INSIDE. And that the poisonous gases didn't collect in the roof.

  5. The Station looks good. At least in the picture, anywho. What was in Federation Square before it was Fed Square?

  6. Jessie,two big horrible office block buildings and a big expanse of nothing over the railyards.
    I don't really like Fed Square but it's a huge improvement on what was there for years.