Sunday, December 03, 2006

Music of me Yoof #91

For a young gay boy, Dead or Alive seemed terribly exotic and very camp. I was at a party, maybe my sister's twenty first, and the music from a dj had been pretty boring. Then this came on and I looked across the room to my sister and we both hit the dance floor like whirling dervishes.

Pete Burns is very well known now, especially in the UK where he was in a Big Brother or one of those such shows. He also has no issues about exposing himself for effect.

I have heard some ok recent remixes of the track, but I still like the original best.

Dead or Alive, You Spin Me 'Round.


  1. 'The Wedding Singer' movie introduced me to that song. Love it! It has spot number 96 on my Nano.

  2. Steph, darls, I am a gay. I don't want to know about your nanno, especially after seeing the latest Britney pics.