Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mobiles in Elsternwick

Saturday, shopping day. Sick of Prahran and all the poofs. Sick of the city and all the foreign students. Let's mix it with the Jews in Elsternwick. The tram ride was a mix of passengers, old, young, bohemian and down and out.

The first shop to grab us was a gift shop and we quickly spotted a cmas gift for my sister's girlfriend. Done, ticked off the list.

I find it hard to avoid mobile phone shops to check out what is new but R almost pushed me out of the way to get into the shop. Oh, yes, we are out of contracts. I have yet to see a phone that does more useful stuff than my present one, or one that looks much better.

But within ten minutes, R was seated and signing up for a new phone. He is on a twenty dollar monthly plan, ten dollars free calls/sms and a nominated person (me) who he can call anytime for three minutes for free. As it is a relatively cheap plan, there wasn't a lot of choice but a Telstra branded flip phone, I think made by Samsung, was not bad to look at and the freatures seemed ok. He really hated his old phone, mainly because their was no repeating sms nag facility. The salesman assured us this new one did, but we have yet to find it in the phone.

So, this afternoon, the housework did not get done and we et takeaway. Always allow plenty of time for playing with a new phone.

We then went on and had a bite to eat at Illy cafe. Very good food, lousy coffee. The food shopping was done at Coles, Elsternwick. What an abortion of a place, well overdue for a refit.

There were some nice memories from the past as we walked along the street. I remembered where the last Coles Variety store that I ever went to was located, for those in the know the 39 steps and the very old Hattams. Wonder if the Oakleigh Hattams store is still there? It really is a nice shopping centre, but a bit too far away to become a regular haunt.

I did note U turns are banned for the length of the street. Wish they would ban U turns in more shoppping areas.


  1. Hattams has been confined to just Hampton and Elsternwick for at least the last 20 years.

  2. And you worked there in your teens Daniel? The Elsterwick store.

  3. Just because it's signed as no u-turns doesn't stop the je..., er motorists from performing them.

  4. As I would guess Andy. But I did not actually see any happen, it certainly is a deterant. I am sure the cops avoid Elsternwick as they avoid Balaclava.