Sunday, December 03, 2006

Matters Political #101

When I was a young person, I was fashionably hop, ahhh, hip, and I declared, as my compatriots did, that politics is boring and I was not interested. But I was not too old before I became very interested in Australia's political system and sadly I remain so.

So this post will probably be too long and quite boring to many, however, I go on.

State of Victoria:

Bracks is back. Not a bad thing. Oh for a long term visionary person, and he is not. But he has not done too badly. Teddy of the Baillieu dysnasty did not do too badly as an opponent. I always feel that if you are to be governed by the rich, it is better to be governed by the old rich rather than the new rich, such as Kennett or Howard. I am a person from the land, and Howard's father was a service station owner. Eek, how has the world changed.

Greens: Very mixed results. They did extremely well where you would expect them to, that is the inner city latte belt and pretty well held their own elsewhere. If we can't get the enviroment vaguely right, what hope is for us is there?

My Local: Gay icon John Thwaites in my electorate increased his vote, but the Lib, Clive Smith seems like an ok guy too. Greens did well too.

All history now, although the results are not fully known.

What about the future in the Federal arena.

I confess to being a misogynist, but if I hear one more person or media commentator say that there are problems with Julia Gillard as a candidate for leader because she does not have children, I will biff them. Surely it is preferable to not have children and totally devote yourself to leadership. But even if she had children, so what, let her husband, or perhaps it is 'partner', look after them while she runs the country.

As it is, she is running mate to Kevin Rudd, and is not in with a chance until he loses the next election.

Beasley, well he has had a good chance and he is an awful right winger for a Labor person. As in our State, he does not give a long term vision. Yesterday's man I think.

Oh, left out an opinion on Rudd. Clever bloke, from humble background. As an ex diplomat, he is a very skillfull talker, and I think he could be a very good administrator of Australia. But whether is politically acceptable, it remains to be seen. Close thin lips, small mouth, dunno if I could trust him.

Person in Liberal waiting: Smarmy git and one of those extreme type religion people. My brother works for Dollar Sweets, the company that Costello defended/prosecuted in court when it did horrible things to it's workers.

Person in Liberal waiting when all others fall: Abbott. I don't like him, but I would like to look at his pc and the 'interesting' web sites he visits. A repressive guilt laden religious person. I haven't even looked at the Aussie chick and horse prosecution news story yet that is in the media, bet he has and unloaded over his ape like overly hairy chest.

Howard for another term of government? He is the best politician I have ever known. That is not a recomendation on how to vote.

Biggest disappointment: Gotta be Garrett. Oh, the Oils. Where does he represent? Is that the oh so ugly Port Botany in Sydney? About what he deserves for his traitor like allegience.

Gillard for PM is my hope. But of course, she will disappoint at some stage.

Other states/territories. WA bloke is doing ok. Great things for public transport. SA bloke, not too bad. Beaty in QLD knows his electors well. Our Clare in NT, ohh, hard job, she is not too bad either. Iemma in NSW will be defeated by a donkey vote. NSW politicians are scum. How this state continues to function is something I don't understand. Dinasour Lennon in Tassie with his homosexual 70's moustach is scary. Ditch him quickly and get back to the millenium reinvention of Tasmania. Gays are welcome, our climate is deliciously cool with lots of fresh air. Nice cheese and our wine grapes are slow to ripen, but ever so delicious.

(All my opinions are the result of personal interest, reading a lot of newspapers, listening to a lot of wireless and tv current affairs and talking to people and listening............but I expect my IQ quotient is quite low)

(Save later for edit lest one makes a fool of oneself)


  1. seriously, tony abbot is a snake. i can't stand the man. i'm a costello fan personally. that is all

  2. I like Kev Rudd. Very articulate person. Backs down from an argument quickly though. However I dislike the current Federal Labour party. It's a shame they don't have their act together like their state counterparts.

  3. Kiki, I can't get past the Dollar Sweets thing. It was a nasty act against low paid factory workers.

    Bobby, state Labor parties together, except for NSW.