Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The grump says...

Went to Boxing Day sales today. What madness. Bought next year cmas cards in Myer but nowt else to buy. Did ok at Big W with some heavily discounted cmas lighting for the balcony next year.

But it is public holiday. Shops should be shut and workers home relaxing or bored with their loved ones. In the city, it seemed only the jewellry shops were shut.

We had coffee at ACMI at Fed Square and listened to the cricket from the big screen for a while (there was no choice in listening to the cricket, it was loud) Might have been fun to be there when Warne bowled his seven hundreth person out. Fed Square felt drab, but it could be that I am unwell with a cold. I slept in bed for two hours this afternoon. R made a special drink that involves water, honey, lemon and whisky and I really felt a bit better after having it.

Highlights of the day were watching the Cock of the Bay yachts go past in the drizzle, on their way from Station Pier to Blairgowrie before heading off to Tasmania and seeing the handsome AFE on a tram in Swanston Street, but since he has not approved my last comment, I felt disinclined to say hello. I don't blame him for not approving my comment really.


  1. The MCG was fun, a day that will go down in History.

  2. Yes, saw #700 on the box and my brother was there. Was waiting for Richie to start plugging the DVD and limited edition signed photographs moments after the event though. What was the recepie for the secret whisky drink?

  3. Boil a few lemon slices in water for a few minutes, add brandy or whiskey and honey to sweeten it. Drink it hot. But it's effect was very temporary as I am worse today.

  4. What comment, you snob?

    I don't have comment moderation in any shape or form, so I don't have to approve them. Make the comment again if you so please, I don't control them when you're entering them because I use haloscan for that sort of thing.

    As for moderation once they're posted, however. That's a different story.

  5. AFE,

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