Sunday, December 24, 2006

Foreign computers

We don't want any of that foreign muck here. We want our own Aussie computers, built by Chinese in China for Australia. Keep your foreign computers out.

I laugh inwardly every time I think of this. Our friend in Japan is about to return to Oz for a break. I do admire how she adjusted to life in Japan. While there weren't lines to read between really, I am sure it has at times been difficult for her.

Ah yeah, the laugh. Her computer is on the fritz. (Where did the phrase on the fritz come from? Doesn't sound very Aussie). Take two. Her computer is pretty well buggered. She can't buy a new one in the smallish town where she lives. She can buy one in Tokyo though. Why? Well in her town they only sell Japanese computers. They don't sell 'English speaking' computers. This concept, well more than a concept, a reality, of English speaking computers has amused me no end.

I suppose I thought all computers were the same, just different keyboards and software, but thinking about it, I understand. Imagine typing your blog right to left? Well, that would be software too I guess, but there seems to more to it.

Is anyone reading my blog on a non 'English speaking' computer?

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  1. Don't mean to be the rain on the parade, but I can't imagine it any easier to get a computer here that spoke another language. A suggestion would be to try and change the system language. It would be rather complicated to begin with, but if she knows computers, sorting that out or at least getting someone to shouldn't be too hard. Good luck to her!