Friday, December 29, 2006

Eyes, Lies and Illusions

No, I am not talking about our Federal or State governments, although I could well do.

I am referring to the exibition at ACMI at Federation Square, Eyes, Lies and Illusions. (the site seems to be perpetually slow)

There was quite a collection of old magic lanterns, steroscopes and many similar devices that used to amaze and entertain along with static exhibits. It was about an hour and a little more of viewing and perhaps a little highly priced at $12.

The highlights for me were the spinning light animated dancers and the eyes. You will see the eyes easily, they are watching you. Sit back on the seat at the base of the up escalator and watch them watching. Very clever.

Like most government funded exhibitions, it is well currated. So if it is your thing, catch it but I cannot recommend it highly.


  1. happy new year:)

  2. Cheers Zachary. Happy NY to you also.

  3. Should have had a few bourbons before hand, you may have seen more than there really was.

  4. Bourban is evil. I learnt that at the age of eighteen.

  5. So did I but I wasn't totally convinced... need to do more research.

    Happy New Year to you n yours.


  6. Anonymous9:43 am

    Thankyou for talking me out of it.

    Happy new year!