Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Evening Out, Priceless

Better than priceless, profitable.

Dinner for two at The Pub at the Crown Entertainment Centre, aka the Casino - $1.70 (A charging error in our favour)

My gambling investment $5. My losses $5

R's gambling investment $20. Winnings $74. His profit, $54.

Me 3 at six dollars each equals eighteen dollars, less six dollars when I was given white wine instead of red but was allowed to drink the white too. Toal cost $12
R, one schooner of beer, cost $6 plus one free drink with his meal.

Transport - free

Walked to Casino
Received lift from a friend home.

= $29.30 profit after a meal, drinks and a bit of entertainment. And we saw the animated cmas display.

We should go more often.

NB For those I have encouraged to gamble, R is well behind by tens of dollars in the ulitmate scheme of things. I am too but less as I only spend $5.


  1. We went to the local RSL club for a feed last night, have no idea how much it cost lol. Had a few bourbons... no idea how much they cost either... but I cleaned up on the pokies.. put $20 in and played for a couple of hours and ended up taking $150 out.

  2. You did better than us. I am out of touch. I noticed last night that bourban and coke now comes out of tap.