Sunday, December 24, 2006

Cmas Eve

Food left over from barbe last night, so we were summoned to Dame M's this cmas eve for more food and drinks. It was a nice low key couple of hours and a much more sober affair. I read the recipe for last night's punch. 60% spirits, 20% liqueur, 10% juice, 10% soda. No wonder R had to steer me in the direction of my bed last night.

For a change tonight R partook of a quantity of wine and is now on the phone to the UK rels.........bad phone bill on the horizon.

Nominated driver, moi, managed to have a good converstation with a sparkie (electrician), a drag queen, Dame M, a Fijian Indian friend, the ex pollie from NT, and a middle aged woman on holidays from NZ.

Home earlyish to watch last night's tv.

Christmas dinner at brother's tomorrow

Not being a believer, I am not sure why I get dragged into this christian celebration every year. Perhaps it is now an Australian tradition. And we do have our own slant on it. It is a nice time.

So happy christmas everyone.

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