Sunday, December 24, 2006

Cmas eve eve

I have been to some parties in the past and been bored stiff. If I don't know many people at the party already, I really can't get into it. I can make small talk with strangers but it is hard work.

I knew most of the people at last night's party and so it was great fun. Aside from that it was well organised. Drinks and nibbles first, then a barbecue, great music and a diverse mix of people. We also had a couple pass the parcel games and another game where three lines of people formed and you had to pass an orange from between your neck and chin to the next person's neck and chin and introduce yourself. Hi again Josh. Nice to meet you. Can I steal your hot boyfriend for half an hour?

And the absolutely lethal punch ensured the guests did not stay too late., or at least this one didn't. Pics are Jasmine and Dame M's head dress Now go away, I have a headache and heaps to do today.


  1. aahhh... so it wasn't the egg nog, it was the punch.

    Well it sounds like a great time was had by all.

    Merry Christmas to you n yours.


  2. Gosh ... you look so lovely in drag, Andrew. :-)

    Hope you and yours have a Very, Very Happy Christmas.

    {{{{ Ron }}}}

  3. Thanks Jo and Ron.
    Btw, when I do drag I look much better than Jasmine. You will never find it, but there is pic of me in drag on the net.

  4. Want the headdress, want it, want it, want it.