Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Clobber

Although I used to make a big effort when I was younger, I am no longer a gay fashion plate. Apart from ultra low hanging jeans on guys that I think look silly and exposed stomachs on women who do not have a flat stomach, I am quite happy with what young people wear. I qualify that with some young guys can look almost ok with ultra low hanging jeans, but they are usually gay and/or it is a studied effort.

Apart from the occasional dribble/food stain on a top before her eye surgery, Dame M dresses well. She always covers up the nether regions with something loose. Given she is over eighty and I don't want to think about what an eighty year old body looks like let alone see the outlines of it, this is a good practice.

But I had a couple of bad visual experiences today from younger women who should know better. They were not unattactive nor overweight, but it was made worse by me walking behind them for some distance.

The first was nicely dressed but as she walked, her lower rear panty line under her slack met with a natural creases in her rear to make quite a difinitive line. This is obviously going to be a ass sag point for her in the future. Left right, left right the creases went as she walked. I have heard of an ad called 'no knickers'. Perhaps she should watch more tv.

The second was worse really. She had squared off underwear under her slack, but the underwear had ridden overhalf way up her rear, but clearly there was a middle bit to the underwear which was still in place but buried deeply. The bare flesh of her lower rear was clearly obvious.

Maybe these wardrobe accidents are stimulating to straight guys, but I think they just looked silly.

My advice is do not ask your boyfriend/husband/partner if your ass looks big in this. Ask him if there is anything wrong or something that may embarrass him?

Lest you think I am only having a go at women, gay men 40+ should only wear sleeveless tops if they are exceptionally well built, and even then they will still look 40+ and it better for older men to button their shirts up to the second last button. No one really want to see your grey chest hair and mottly sun damaged skin.


  1. A girlfriend and I were having coffee and a perve in Westfields the other day and fot to talking about the low baggy jeans. I'm glad I'm not young anymore, I hate them... what's to perve at there??? Give me a nice tight pair of levi's anyday

  2. Bring 'em back. I agree. The tighter the better..........ah, on the right people.

  3. At least they were wearing knickers and not thongs, the invention of the Devil of uncomfortability. And that's an awful lot of tart watching for a gay bloke.

    Tight jeans, no Y-fronts, drool.

  4. I didn't have a choice about watching. They were walking in front of me for a distance.

    I know full well how uncomfortable a thong is. I can remember.

  5. I want to know how the teenage boys stop those below-arse hanging jeans from falling down!

  6. Gravity defying at times Ron. Tight belt and they sit just above what I supposed is the hip bone. I laugh when they walk around and try and put their hands in their pockets and can only get their finger tips in.

  7. There's nothing funnier than watching someone in baggy jeans running. Or perhaps there is - the "I've got this awful g-string on and I have to show you all as this is the level of commitment I have to myself" and of course there is the "I got this tribal tattoo to be original like the other eight million people and I paid so much for it I need to show the world".

  8. excuse me. I think the Kim (of Kath and Kim fame) g string, double banger is a terribly attractive look.

    If you are a llama.

  9. oh yeah, i forgot about the muffin top jeans... gotta love kath n kim