Monday, December 18, 2006

Clarifying the road laws

I think that when you face a Give Way sign, you must give way to all vehicles. Twice in the last week at the same location, vehicles tried to not give way to me when they were facing a Give Way sign and I was turning right into my car park access street.

Today it would have been easier to just let the car go in front of me, but my sense of self righteousness and many years of practice at bluffing made me force her to reverse out of my way.

I am usually a forgiving driver when I am in my car and I tend to let people push or zip in or reduce my braking distance. While it can be annoying, in the ultimate scheme of things, I don't loose sleep over it.

But in this case, SHE, the ASIAN girl, the P PLATER, in a dark VOLVO, just went too far. As did HE, the last time, the ASIAN guy, the P PLATER, in an black TOYOTA 4WD PRADO.

I may be old and white and drive an old car, but road rules are one of the last bastions of egalitarianism left in Australia. Young people in smart cars do not have road rights over me.


  1. I find female P platers to be the worst, they're such agressive drivers, Asians come a close second and don't get me started on bluddy volvo drivers.... poor girl has all three against her.

  2. These days every STOP sign pretty much means GIVE WAY BUT CUT IN IF THINK YOU CAN MAKE IT.