Saturday, May 19, 2007

Draft. Date 14/12/06 Caught cursive script

Typing is marvellous. I learnt at school for a while. But it wasn't until I had my first computer that I could really type at speed without looking at the keyboard.

But writing? I learnt that at school too, but not very well. My defence is that I was caught in the changeover teaching at school between cursive script and printing. I can print and it looks childish. But my cursive writing is terrible, although readable. It is just ugly. The only time I can write reasonably is after a couple of drinks. Only two though, it quickly goes to hell if I have any more.


  1. I hated the hours we were made to practise cursive script but going to the printed script was a terrible mistake. There's nothing worse than an older person with childish handwriting. At least with script there was room to develop a personality and I'm so used to writing a greek e that I can't write it any other way. Ball point pens were another mistake, a nibpen and ink were awful to master but great for control before going on to biros.

  2. That is me Jahteh. My handwriting is ugly and childish. I can write very slowly and carefully for a short time, but I can't sustain it. It is rare for anyone to see my writing as I get R to write everything, even my mother's day card. And you thought I was perfect.

  3. I am obsessed with hand writing... mine can be so cursive that it looks like I went mad with the power.

    Very unlike a nineteen year old girl, particularly with the reign of computers.

  4. Well now I know you aren't perfect.

    Crappy handwriting and ghastly taste in men although you fluked it with R.