Monday, November 13, 2006

Word hate

My most hated words are orientated or disorientated. Why say these when oriented or disoriented will do very nicely?

Would you believe in five seconds flat this morning I heard two more words to add.

I give you documentated and consultated.


  1. They don't even sound like proper words!

    Totally agree with you on orientated/disorientated - I think it's important to take a bold stance on this issue - but I have heard such a wide variety of people say it the wrong way.

  2. I froze on the spot when I heard them and said to myself 'What?'
    The battle over oriented is lost.

  3. I heard that man say those two words and felt exactly the same. It was unfortunate he is a Greens candidate, but fortunate that I am not a resident of the Nepean peninsula.

  4. You were listening to the same radio station then Skander, you old fart. Apart from those clangers, he just spoke too quickly. A clever person no doubt, but needs to learn more about media performance.