Tuesday, November 21, 2006


One blogger who I read visited Melbourne from Sydney last week. It was on that day we had snow down to 600 metres. At some point around midday, the temperature was around seven degrees. Naturally he bagged Melbourne's weather.

Yesterday and today, it has been 36 degrees. Horrible.

I was watching cars today. Some older cars with windows tightly wound up and obviously with working air con. Some newer cars with windows wide open, although you know very well that they would have working air con. Some newer cars, very small cars, that looked like the occupants were hot, but the car did not have air con. Some older cars that you know would have air con but it obviously wasn't working. But most cars do have air con now.

Our ex policeman friend's car air con broke down. He doesn't seem to mind too much.

I ran into famous bearded media person in lift today and asked if his big black yank tank had air con. Of course it did, but it wasn't working and he was waiting for a part from the US. Lucky he does not have far to drive to work.

Just before last summer, I had to make an economic choice between car heating or car cooling. The heating water tap was not sealing well and so leaking hot air when the air con was on. It would cost a lot to fix, not worth it on my old car. Heating could be shut off entirely and air con would work fine, and that is what a chose. Although it was a bit chilly last winter in the always less than 20 minutes I spend in my car, I made the right decision.


  1. The two family ricers have faulty air conditioners, both newish cars.

    Great time to be a mechanic.

  2. Sydney's weather has been pretty much the same... had the heater on a couple of weeks ago and then the last two days have been 40. No wonder everyone is sick.

    My car air con works fine now after getting it re-gassed recently... could not live without it. My home air con died a while back so purchased a new one and the one week delivery turned into seven weeks and two days.. then had to wait almost two weeks until I could get someone to instal it... thank god it was installed before this weeks weather.

  3. Tell me more? Split system? What brand? Cool whole house?

  4. Toshiba split system, one of those inverter thingies whatever that is...

    All I need to know is that it cools most of the house really well... could be a bit cooler down the other end but it's ok

  5. Very civilised Jo.