Sunday, November 12, 2006

TV delivered

On the way to delinquent mother's place today, we called in at the large office supply company in Warrigal Road and also bought a potted marigold for the balcony. If there is anything I hate paying for in life, it is ink cartriges. I know it is really a 'time payment' transaction for your incredibly cheap printer/scanner/copier, but still.

Tv was delivered, easily set up. Just plugged it in really. Wrote a list of channels and corresponding buttons on the remote. Assisted step father with a small tv that was given to him and he keeps in the backroom to watch when my mother wants to watch Home and Away. Yes L, you have to switch the tv to tv from dvd with the remote. You can then see the the tv channels. We wrote a list of channels for that tv. He is 78 and dvd and vcr are all new to him. The old tv was put in the 'years in the waiting pending garage sale room'. They will keep the old Rank Arena for emergencies. It would have to be a pretty dire emergency. "This tv has Japanese parts, not Chinese parts", he said. I suppose he meant that this is a good thing. Thirty years ago he would have said Australian parts and not Japanese garbage parts. He moves with the world.

Compared to our tv, the picture wasn't much but they were very very pleased with it and it did not look too dominant in the room. My brother will probably visit Tuesday and he won't notice the tv initially, but then will grin widely and ask where it came from.

We checked out Mum's garden, loaded a bag with lemons, said hi to the budgies in the aviary and had a pie each for lunch.

Mum had previously asked if we wanted to go for a drive to Phillip Island and I declined. Too far for us. We are getting old. We need our arvo kip. We were going to go home, but then she suggested we go to Mordialloc Beach in separate cars and we could go home from there. We did after a long wait for her to get ready. This seems par for the course for all women and there is nothing you can do about it. Another fact of life.

Post about Mordialloc later.


  1. You were that close to me and didn't call in for a cuppa. I'm gutted.

  2. And cast a critical eye over your cleaning efforts. You'd be sorry.

  3. I keep a pointed stick by the door for such visits.