Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ticket please Sir

When going to Prahran for shopping and R is not with me (he makes me walk), I usually catch the bus. A long time ago I wrote about the cheating that bus drivers tried with the now discontinued short trip tickets. I can't remember the details now. Most are not very diligent about checking tickets, but not all. Because there is a person, the bus driver there watching, nearly all passengers do the right thing.

The above was written a couple of weeks ago and saved and I can't recall where I was going with the post. I am clearing the decks of un-finished posts. But on matters transport I have clarified a public transport ticketing matter to the point of non-clarity.

I mentioned it back here. Briefly, if you validate a ten trip two hour ticket twice in one day, then that is the most you will pay for the day. But if the first validation is the last trip on the ticket, then when you do your second validation on a new ticket, obviously the system does not know you are the same person and so for a third trip, you would pay again.

R did not think ahead and was in this situation and decided he would only pay twice and not three times.

I asked the opinion on this from a couple of Revenue Protection Officers (ticket checkers who can fine you) some time later.

One said that he would make a report, probably resulting in a fine. The other said she would not. He has paid the correct amount, she said.

Furthermore, they then mentioned the Sunday Saver ticket. He said that if he came across a person with an expired two hour ticket on Sunday, he would make a report. She said, she would not as the person had already paid more than the cost of the Sunday Saver ticket.

I am surprised that there is not a definitive policy on this, or perhaps there is and some choose to ignore it, but if you are in one of these dubious situations, I can only suggest you turn on the charm and adopt the confused blond persona who tried to do the right thing. But if you get uppity or lippy with either of the above mentioned officers, a fine will surely result.

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