Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thorpie Retires

At the ripe old age of twenty-four Australia's arguably greatest swimmer has retired and is moving onto other things. Because he wasn't an ocker bore, but still a high sporting achiever, he made me proud and I hope many of you Aussies.

He does not seem to have a girl friend, he does not seem to have a boyfriend. He mixes in high circles, but no one is telling anything. He is not seen at 'the clubs', or if he is, it is not reported. There seems to be media silence on his private life. Perhaps he does not have much of one, but I smell a conspiracy.

But what is he to do now? One wag on the wireless suggested he be put out to stud. I am ok with that if I can do the milking. I will leave the insemination to someone else.


  1. Your third para made me splutter tea over my keyboard! :)

  2. I'm sure there's a boyfriend hidden away somewhere... and you're right, we don't hear a whole lot about him so why's he always whinning about no privacy.

  3. My favourite post about the Greatest Ever, third post down, titled The Pink Thorpedo.

  4. Very interesting Skander. We in Melbourne are obviously out to the Sydney loop.

    Maybe Jo, or maybe he is not a one person kind of guy, so I am in with a chance.

    Thank you Ron. Of course with those feet and that nose......I don't think he would be 'average'. I do like a challenge.

  5. Don't encourage Ron, it's bad enough when I do it.

  6. He is gorgeous and I have written letters to Editors telling them why they must never never 'out' him spitefully.

    Poor boy probably has chlorine poisoning.

  7. Yes, to out him un-necessarily would be a shame. He will do it no doubt at a time to maximise the financial return, a la, Ian Roberts.


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