Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tales of two Pamelas

There are two Pamelas. Two international Pamelas that we might know about in Australia. Given that I had the internet in 1996, I could have easily found out the difference bewtween the two Pamelas. But it was not high on my priortities. Latin boys dot com was more of a priority. Email was more of a priority. Even blogging has become more of a priority.

But not long ago I sorted out the two Pamelas. Is my confusion any wonder given their names? Pamela Stephenson and Pamela Anderson.

I knew that if I waited long enough and not be proactive, the matter would be sorted and it has come to pass.

They both have large bossoms and both are bleached blonds. The similarities end there. Pamela Anderson was in the US tv show Baywatch and Pamela Stephenson is Billy Connolly's wife and she was either on Not the Nine O'clock News or Drop the Dead Donkey. She was a hot chick when she was younger.

One has aged gracefully and turned into a fat assed Englishwoman, typical of her age. The other has probably had lots of surgery and her diet supressant tabs only allow her to munch lettuce leaves.

I think I know which one I would like to have a good time with. You can take the English out of the Aussie, but they will always haunt him/her.


  1. I think you may find that Pamela Stephenson is as Australian as Russell Crowe, Sam Neill or Richard Wilkins. She may have spent some time in Australia, but is actually a Kiwi originally.
    She was definitely in "Not the Nine O'Clock News". I don't know about "Drop the Dead Donkey"
    Pamela Stephenson is about 20 years older than Pamela Anderson.

  2. Isn't there some house near st kilda road (might actually be on st kilda road) that is all glass and has a hologram of pammie anderson's face in it? Saw it on a tour once. My tour guide was uber hot too, just in case you were wondering.

  3. That was Sam Newman's house. He's a womanizing prat who talks about football.

  4. Jah Teh is correct. He is a pratt. It is in Canterbury Road, St Kilda West. He owns an apartment in our building. But I had forgotten about it, thanks Jessie.

  5. Altissima, I have since learnt she was not on Drop the Dead Donkey. I didn't mean that she is Australian. I had forgotten she is a NZer. What I meant, and I can seew hy it is not clear, I am Aus with English heritage and so I find her more appealing than the other Pam.

  6. Pamela Stephenson was quite well known in Melbourne in 1972 when she went to England. She was in a toothpaste commercial for "Are your Macleans showing?" She must be tough to survive Connolly's drinking years.
    Pammy Anderson is a Canadian.

  7. Oh Brownie, I think I remember her. I certainly remember the ad. I bet the Conolly Stephenson ship sailed in many rough waters. She must be pretty tough for sure.