Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Soap massage

I was unsure whether to post this or not, or modify it, but for some reason it went out on Bloglines, so some have read it already. Not sure if my readers really want to hear this kind of stuff. But hey, it is my blog and I write for myself so that I can remember things when dementia drops it's curtain on my brain. I won't be offended if you de-link me.

I have been to Thailand a few times. Just for the weather of course. Had to get away from Melbourne's hot summer.

The first time was in the late eighties. Soap massages were popular then. I had heard about them already.

Str8 guys, you shouldn't read further. It won't interest you.

We were in Pattaya. I quite like Pattaya. We, that is me, R and our two brother friends went to see a show.

It was a good show. Lot's of Thai bois dancing on stage with a selection from very young looking to older and very masculine muscle straight guys. We all selected one and my selection gives no indication of what sort of guy I really like, because I still don't even know myself. He was very handsome and undoubtedly straight and had such an incredibly deep voice, but these guys are professional and can always perform regardless whether they are with a male or female.

A soap massage is when you are both covered in slippery soap and you slither over each other. He well and truly slithered all over me and attempted to penetrate me. Fear of HIV and fear of the extra cost (am I cheap or what) made me make him stop this. He did stop without a second request and then held me tight and whispered untelligable Thai words into my ear while he held me tight with his big muscly arms and peck kissed me as well. I think my tip was a little on the moderate side, given I am remembering the experience so many years later. I am ashamed.

At least I was only with one guy, unlike the German fraus who would take three guys off at a time. Tarts.


  1. I do believe I'm going to try this over the weekend, now that you've educated me.

    Soapy, muscly arms....yum!!

  2. Very nice....*wanders off to order 3 tonnes of lavender soap*

  3. Daisy Jo, I hope you have someone nice to share it with.
    Jah Teh, the number for rent a muscle stud is 04......Contact me for the number.

  4. What!!! Use leftovers, cheek.

  5. You want a virgin? I wonder if this summer will be as hot as the one of '42?