Saturday, November 25, 2006

An Outing

No, I am not going to out our Ian Torpedo. Some time ago when carousing around Big W at QV, I noticed some very large boxes of soap powder, inlcuding the brand I usually buy, Cold Powder (sic). I knew how much I normally pay for a one kilo or one and a half kilo box so I got the Ericsson out and and used the calculator facility.

The price was less than half what we normally pay if we bought a fifteen kilo box. Hey, gotta get onto this. With management's help, we lugged a box home. The next, although it nearly killed me, I brought a box home by myself on the tram. We have since bought large containers of Windox and Comfart, again half price.

But no way was I carting a 15 kilo box home on the tram again. The net proved useful, as always, in locating a nearby Big W that was easily accessible by motor car. It actually was a bit further than it looked on the map, but as we were going to Brunnings at Altona, we decided to go to Altona Meadows, just a bit further on. It was a small shopping centre, but ok, and it had a great bakery on the outer perimeter. We bought the detergent, trollyed it to the car, trollyed from the car to its resting place in the spare room wardrobe. Don't worry visitor from Japan, I will make sure you have some space for your lame dancing dresses.

We left Central Square, I think it is called, in Altona Meadows and travelled along a minor road and then via the beach to Altona proper. Sydney excepted perhaps, I think I saw some of the ugliest houses I have ever seen. There was a mix from the seventies to current and without exception, they were horrid.

Sorry if I am offending some locals, and your house may be nice, but I just did not see it.

Well, management can't say I don't take him anywhere interesting.

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