Thursday, November 02, 2006

Only slightly loopy sister

My sister has gotten over her internalised homophobia. Given she is a lesbian, it is probably a good thing. Her out there girlfriend, the bone sawing surgeon, told us so.

But to give my sister her due, she is a doer and far more busy than myself. She is a teacher and just loves playing sports with the boys and going off on camp with them and has taught in the same school for over ten years. She has travelled the world and Australia.

The donor sperm baby has not happened, but not through want of trying. Ageing hippie sperm can't be too good. Maybe dope kills the active ingredients. (Would I want her as my mother? Nah)

On Saturday night she attended some do in Toorak, drove home to Geelong, mucked up daylight saving time, and then attended a family get together at Lysterfield Lake. We live close to Toorak. Why not stay here overnight? Well, there are issues between R and her but I expect she had to feed her cat.

Poor traumatised pussy. In the storage room under her staircase, her surfboard (yes, she does that too) fell against the door and trapped poor pussy inside. Sis had to bust the door open with a sledge hammer to get pussy out. Pussy was traumatised by the door busting.

At the family picnic before Sis arrived, my mother recounted the tales of Sis's cats and their mostly roadside deaths. I would not want to be her cat.

But Sis had us all in hysterics when demonstating the problems that Mother used to have with washing machines when they were of the turn the knob and then pull it out variety.

She is not great in the technical area though. She mangaged to get the mower started, but when a wheel fell off and rolled down the steep hill, it was left for the bone sawing girlfriend to repair.

As the wheel rollled down the hill gathering speed, with sis in hot pursuit, it is a shame that one of her students just happened to be passing with his parents in a car and called out 'Faster Miss C. You'll catch it'.

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