Thursday, November 16, 2006

NSW pedo

A friend visited tonight. We don't have many of those so it was planned to the finest detail. The conversation ranged over many subjects and one was the kiddie fiddler in the NSW parliament. He was driven to a suicide attempt because of exposure.

Now you are thinking I am about to defend pedophiles and I am probably a sympathiser. I like to molest kiddies. No, that is not what it is about.

I cast my mind back to my youth, maybe 14 or 15 and I was hunt for a man. I was looking for a man...........not sure for what pupose, but whatever he wanted to do. I knew the male appendage was involved and I knew, sort of, what it could do.

I should probably go off to the cops and tell them about it and cry pedophile at these blokes who abused me. Can't though, forgot to ask their names.

I was going to sum up with that their is a huge difference between molesting a kid and having sex with an underage rent boy.

I will sum up that it is for the courts to decide. There ought not be public pressure. Each case should be decided on it's merits. There are not rules about about your sexuality and when you arrive at it and what age is right. Those in power who abuse children should be hung and quatered, but I don't thing it was the case with this George bloke. He deserves a fair trial. Paying the prostitute out of petty cash, your taxes at work, is what really concerns me.


  1. Alleged "kiddie fiddler in the NSW parliament".

    I once had a friend who was a state prosecutor. That friend believed that much of the psychological damage done to many victims of sexual assault was caused by family, police and the court.

    Notice when a teenage boy is the 'victim' of an older woman, it's always the boy's mother screaming that her son's innocence has been stolen? Bullshit! She just can't get her mind around the fact that her son is now at an age where he is a walking erection!

    Anyway, when I was a teenage slut, my encounters were similar to yours.

  2. Quite right Ron, even though I am in Victoria, I should say alleged. Iemma doesn't seem to believe in alleged though.

  3. Andrew,

    As someone wrote in the letters page of the Sydney Morning Herald today, "The problem for voters is just one: do we vote for a tired, broken-down, corrupt Labor Government, or a would-be government full of religious fanatics and zealots?"

    Perhaps govts should have a time limit.

  4. What bothers me is why an underage kid has to turn himself into a rentboy for older men.

    You two would have been hopeless as trade, you were having such a good time you would have forgot to collect the money.

  5. Quite correct in the latter. But I don't why there are rent boys that age. Maybe gay and thrown out of home? Some need money for party drugs. Some just need more money than is normally available to someone that age.

  6. 'maybe gay and thrown out of home' that and suicide was one of the reasons I joined the VGLRL. It's okay to have fun at that age but to have to turn your fun into a way to live is not so good.