Thursday, November 16, 2006

The nephew returns

My nephew returned from Cairns last night, late, no doubt because of the bad weather in Queensland. He has been in Queensland for a few months, bumming around, working a bit, partying a bit, tourist a bit. He is brown as a berry but otherwise no different to when he left home, initially a year ago. Of course he has a lot of experiences up his sleeve. He must be quite good socially as he has been invited to go places and stay with people all over the world.

His plan is to take up an invitation and be in Scotland by June next year. I worry a bit about his lack of career path, but it is good that he is having a good time. Plenty of time yet for him to become an old grouch like his superannuation worrying uncle.

Parents, it is about the boy or girl and how you bring them and how they turn out as decent adult citizens, not about their VCE scores, jobs, career paths. If a corporate career is not for them, then it does not matter. (I have nearly convinced myself)

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  1. hear hear

    my parents encouraged / slightly pressured me to do well in VCE, but were not too fussed by it.

    a couple of years ago i nearly quit engineering because i wasn't enjoying it and mum didn't mind if i did, but dad pretty much forced me to finish it, not to be an engineer, but just to have a degree as a foundation / something i could fall back on.

    i'm going to be in scotland in june too