Monday, November 13, 2006

Mother's Mordialloc

As mentioned in the previous post my mother's family used to gather at Mordialloc on Boxing Day and New Year's Day for a picnic and get together. Not all Mum's memories of Mordialloc are good.

These get togethers stopped when she married but had declined well before then. One of her cousins was horse playing with another, fell back and hit his head on a car bumper bar and died instantly. She has a photo of him taken half and hour before sitting on a fence singing, 'I'm sitting on top of the world'.

The family did not have so much enthusiasm for the get together after that.

At around sixty, my grandmother, my mother's mother had cancer of woman's parts. I don't know what really. She had to go into Cabrini for an operation. She had never had much to do with doctors etc and she was terrified. She thought it was the end and she would die.

Mum asked her if she wanted to do anything before she underwent the operation and she requested a visit to Mordialloc Beach. Mum, my grandfather and two of my grandmother's sisters took her to the beach the day before the operation. Mum said the outing was absolutely horrible. No one knew what to say. They would burst into tears spontaneously. It was a miserable mistake.

My grandmother survived the operation and lived another twenty or so years. My personal memory of the time was visiting her in Cabrini after the op. I don't think my grandmother had ever spoken harshly to we kids in her life. But wow, did she snap at us when we started fiddling with the tap on the heating radiator. We were shocked into silence.

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