Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Matters pc 2 or worry words

Here are a few words or phrases that give me a feeling of concern or alarm when I hear them.

'Politcal correctness', especially if prefaced with 'this is', or 'gone mad' is added after.

'Freedom', especially from God's own George.

'Freedom to choose', especially when uttered by an Australian politician. You can whack in 'choice(s)' there too These are screw the worker words.

'Customer Interface' Groan.

'In efforts to assist our customers' Groan again.

'To improve your ************* experience'

'The bush' That is, those aliens in the countryside.

'Nanny state' We have nanny states because people are so stupid.

'Bloody health and safety rules' They are there to protect people for very good reasons.

'Golden opportunity' Be extra aware if this comes from a real estate agent.

'I was only a little bit over' Ah, you have confessed.

'I was only two minutes' Ah, you have confessed.

'We are doing everything possible', within budgetary restraints of course.

But for most of us, this is the killer. Maybe you do fit the mould. Some do. But for all of us who are not married to a wife or husband around the same age as us and with the same ethnicity and the obligatory two blonde kids, boy and girl and living in a free standing house in a mid to outer suburb. I give you,


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  1. I have traditional values thank you.

    The champagne must be chilled.
    The chocolates must be the best.
    The eye candy must be luscious.

    Now that's what I call traditional values.