Thursday, November 02, 2006


It is probably a sign of getting older, but I find tongue in mouth kissing quite distasteful, no, not really distasteful, just boring. I have a vague memory that it can be good. Very vague.

Tongues fighting to explore each other's mouths. Is that lamb or parsley stuck between your teeth? Worse is when you accidently find a plate, that is false teeth. Why is good? I can't remember. I suppose it is a part of the general sex act. The last time I did it, I was mentally writing a food shopping list in my head.

I think you can get far more germs from tongue kissing than oral sex. Oral sex is good, for a few minutes. Not to the point of me having lockjaw or a bruised throat, or if I am the recipient, again writing a shopping list

What about sticking your tongue into someone's ear? I just love lapping up ear wax and I love your slobber all over my ear. But when you stop, my ear gets cold coz it is wet. While I may confess that full on kissing could still work for me, ear stuff never has.

Perhaps I need to get out more. Perhaps I went out too much when I was younger.


  1. Anonymous12:38 pm

    I hate it when someone kisses you and its all slobbery and they are sitting there looking lovingly in your eyes but all you want to do is rid your mouth-area of their nasty spit.

    In other news, this is my last comment on your blog from Oz. *sob* Buhbye Andrew!!

  2. What is the etiquette of letting someone know they're likely to get their tongue ripped apart on more steel work than the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

    I'd like to know because I haven't kissed anyone since I had it done and I might meet a frog any day now.

    With you on the tongue thing, I have a real fondness for breathing air not slime.

  3. God speed Jess. Funny you say that. I wrote a post last night but held it back for review. As someone once said, publish and be damned.

  4. And I am sure your teeth look great Jah Teh. I'd be more worried about other body parts, or perhaps you don't do oral?

  5. What's the etiquette for putting other body parts near the steel works? I wouldn't have much trouble ripping that off either.