Sunday, November 19, 2006

I love to laugh, long and loud and clear

The subject title is just for you Rosanna.

When I arrived home from work at eleven this evening, there was a repeat of a Benny Hill show. I remember him fondly, but not well. I clearly recall him running in the park after a buxom blonde. (Can some ejukated person tell me if there is an e in blond or not? I thought there was, and then I thought there wasn't, but I am sure there is. The bleach in my youth must have soaked into my brain)

I seem to remember that he wrote some of the material he performed, but no doubt there were a team of writers for the show. I also heard that he was a perfectionist so far as his performance went.

It really shows. His timing was masterful, his facial expressions superb, the material almost all good. Perhaps what I saw was a compilation best of, but even so, the man was brilliant.

I don't think his later life was much chop after his show was axed, but it really means he went out while flying high.

Anway, after a pig stressful day at work, it was nice to have a good out loud laugh.


  1. My practically perfect self is very honoured.

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  3. RE blond/blonde...
    Historically, blonde is used to describe females, and blond is for males. These days, blond is often used for both males and females.
    When applied to beer - either spellings seems to be acceptable! (Leffe has both on its label)

  4. Thanks for sorting that out for me. R's fave beer is Leffe.