Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Glasshouse

As we sat down to watch The Glasshouse at the beginning of this year, I said to R, 'Oh God, another year of this. I am not sure if I can do it'. But I have not missed and episode and enjoyed it very much. It has nothing to do with Wil Anderson being cute as, or that I even find Corrine Grant rather hot, for a female. Even Dave Hughes is ok, if you like the idea of getting on top (is there a more laconic person alive than Dave?).

They are just very, very funny and that is why I have watched the show since it started. As it has fantastic ratings, the hosts are very popular and it has made the two hundred episode mark, this seems very odd.

ABC management insists axing not commissioning another series next year is nothing to do with the new management regime with it's handpicked Liberal tory party supporters.

Yeah, right.


  1. I concur. Corinne Grant is a fucking hottie. Quite possibly in love with her.


  2. i can't stand corrinne, i think she is really annoying and unfunny.

    i used to despise will when he was on triple j breakfasts, but now that he's scripted i can't get enough

  3. I have it bad Andy. I think about what she would look like nekid. Not super slim, but lucious and juicy. I'll just watch though, you and her.

    I occasionally listened to him when he had his wireless show Kiki, and I barely understand a word he said. He is a good role model for young blokes though.