Saturday, November 18, 2006

Give it up

I was nearly ready to give up blogging because I could not think of anything to blog about, although I do have some unformed posts in my mind, and then a post came to me, but I just had to make that one last comment on someone else's blog, and now I have forgotten what my post was. As Hazel Hawke said when she found out she had alteimers, althiremers, altimers, older person crazy in head disease........well she said bugger.

I will write something. I have been topping up our building's pond with my shower run off water. It is about six litres of cold before hot arrives. Usually I shower twice a day, so that is more than one bucket. Include R's shower run off, you can double that. But the pump started leaking and the level was dropping faster than my buckets could top it up. Pump has been taken away for repair, so I should catch up by the time it returns next week.

R and I have produced the second newsletter for our building. We were quite proud of the first, but the second is even better. I would hate to think how many hours and (Andrew gnashing his teeth) printer ink has gone into this. I may reproduce it here at some point and in some edited form.

I don't know the reason, but this time the newsletter will go under doors, rather than be slid into mailboxes. A few of the last newsletter went straight into the rubbish bin in the mail room.

The body corporate committee has designed a welcome pack for new residents. It is personally delivered by one of the committee members. It has in it some useful information, a fridge magnet with contact numbers and a rather nice pen.

Last year the committee put on a pre cmas barbecue for all residents, paid out of body corporate money. There were only a couple who objected to their money being spent this way, but it was enough for it not to happen this year. Attendence by about thirty out of perhaps 300 probably indicates it was not successful anyway.

A date has been set for next months committee meeting, remember I am not a committee member now, although R is. A date has been set for drinks and nibbles at one of the committee member's apartments. I am not specifically invited yet. A date is set to deliver the newsletter. A date has been set to put up the cmas tree in the foyer.

All of the above is why this building stands out from your average high rise. It is well known as a troublesome building for trades people and building managers, but it is because there are people here who care enough to be involved.

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