Monday, November 20, 2006

Ferry Romance

Wouldn't it be wonderful to stroll down your Sydney north shore suburb's street to your local ferry wharf and commute across the sparkling blue Sydney Harbour to the City on a ferry. You arrive at Circular Quay and walk to your office.

Sydney Ferries is considering replacing their whole fleet. There are seven different types including the Jetcats and it makes it a maintenance and staffing nightmare. They are hard pressed to find ship engineers for the wage they offer and the average age of their engineers is 54.

They are looking at options such as buying complete ferries from overseas, or building their own and some other options.

Sadly I think they will be inclined to a more Jetcat type of boat rather than a traditional ferry, but that remains to be seen.

But it would be nice to travel to and from work on a ferry. However, they are not all smooth sailing, excuse the pun.

There are four large Manly ferries running back and forth. If these were fixed rail vehicles, there would be big trouble.

I can't find any accidents about the Queenscliff but how about Narrabeen; ripped open the shark netting at Manly, 1984, collided with Circular Quay Wharf 5 with one passenger receiving facial injuries in 2005.

The Freshwater, missed the Manly Wharf and ran aground on sand in 1983, hit the Manly Wharf in 2005.

The Collaroy, climbed rocks at Manly Point in 2001, fire in engine room, 2005, hit Quay wharf 3 in 2005, hit a pontoon at Quay wharf 2, 2005.

There was a total of eleven collisions by the Manly ferries in the twelve months up to July 2005, forcing the authorities to launch an investigation.

Rather dulls the romance doesn't it.


  1. Sydney ferry drivers are all pissheads.

  2. Never mind Sydney, my favourite ferry goes from Sorrento to Queenscliffe.

  3. Yeah our ferry drivers are sober characters and don't go crashing around Port Phillip Bay.