Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dear Clem

Handing these bags out the entrance to Prahran Market was a nice promotional idea, but sorry Clem Newton Brown, I am not in your district and in voting order, I will possibly vote Green, Democrat, Labor, People Power, Liberal, DLP and Family First. As you can see, your party is low on the list. I have little respect for the Liberal Party.

I am not sure why he was selected to represent the district of Prahran. It is a marginal seat and he seems like a bit of a loose cannon to me.

I met his Labor opponent once, the sitting member. Tony Lupton came across as sincere and also practical and honestly pragmatic. I suppose my district of Albert Park will re-elect John Thwaites. He is ok. The gay icon description is wearing thin though, especially as he is getting older. I have not met him, but at the Farmers Market at the Peanut Farm in St Kilda, he did say hi to us. Again the Liberal competition seems not great but I guess they did not want to waste a good candidate on an un-winable seat.

I was not going to be working on election day and I was looking forward to the trek to the polling booth in South Melbourne and the sausage sizzle. But now I am working for pretty well the whole voting period, so I will have to vote in advance at the pre election polling location.

I think it was only the second time I voted, I had to vote absentee on polling day. I was not very politically educated, but I knew which party I wanted to vote for. There were no how to vote cards and one of the ballot papers was not marked with the parties. I don't think this happens now, but I don't want to vote accidently for Family First, so I have checked all the candidates, parties etc at the Victorian Electoral Commission website. Good website and easy to navigate.


  1. i met john thwaites at a cocktail party the other day.

    he impressed me with his quick wit and sense of humour.

    pity i don't live in his elctorate, so my impressions cannot be counted.

    last state election i ovted for the shooters party, who had a candidate in my elctorate. i wanted to vote Greens, but these guys had better environment policies

  2. Jennifer Hawkins a couple of weeks ago. Thwaitsy the other day. You do move in the right circles Kiki.