Friday, November 24, 2006

Car crash

Those with inside knowledge will know there is a bit more to this.

I was in a tram this week. I was looking out the window as a car tried to pass the tram. I did not think it would fit between the parked car and the tram, but it did, almost. I saw a shower of glass go up high in the sky as the left hand mirror hit a parked car right hand mirror. It just got worse.

The travelling car swung left to the nature strip, presumably to recover from the shattered mirror. But it was at quite a few kms. She then drove into an electric pole, smashing in the left hand side of her car.

The tram stopped briefly, long enough for me to observe the driver getting out. She was an old woman, hunched over.

My step father is close to eighty and is a competent driver, but for god's sake, get these f*ing old hopless drivers off the road. Their irresponsibility is as bad as young hoons tearing around. Coppers ignore them as they are too hard.

I momentarily felt sorry for her, but then I know full well she lives in a suburb well serviced by public transport. By her clothes and her car, I know she can afford taxis. Get these past their prime people who have no driving skill off the road.

Today on my way home form work, I came up behind an FC Holden station wagon. For you youngers, it is GMH car from about 1958. As the car was in good condition, I thought it would be a young person driving a car that might be a bit hotted up. Nah, closer, it was some old bloke with grey hair. I was not in a rush and I like old cars so I was happy to sit behind him. I could see he had to do something with a large lever next to the steering wheel to keep the car moving, but he did that well and he kept up with traffic. He did not drive aggressively but neither over cautiously. Well done Pops.

My observations come from the areas I frequent in my motor and not a general observation of Melbourne, but my crap driver list is as follows, all stereotyping included.

(Sexist, racist, ageist rant about other drivers removed by author)


  1. tell me about it

    the one thing that young hoons have over old people though is reflexes - as evidenced by this woman

  2. As we say over here in the retirement mecca of the world -- "I may be old, lame, half-blind, feeble minded, deaf and spastic, but thank God I still have my Florida driver's licence."

  3. The old bloke probably had the car from new and has kept it garaged, washed it every sunday and probably only takes it out twice a week... bingo on tue and lawn bowls on thur.