Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bye bye Akai

After much thought, we have decided to give our not so old 29" flat screen tv to my mother and step father. I doubt it is worth much anyway. I had a chat to her about it as I really wanted to make sure they would appreciate and wanted it. It is a fairly large tv for their small lounge room and it will not suit her decor at all. But her present tv, a woodgrain veneer model, is over twenty years old, does not have a remote and the picture is so bad, you cannot read writing on the screen.

But I know they will fight over the remote. Mum will turn the tv down, and then step father will turn it back up again. I also think her love affair with Dr Jack Quade may ease off when she sees that his skin is not perfect.

Better go and load it into the car. Damn heavy.

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