Friday, November 03, 2006

Blogger going home

This whole blogging thing continues to amaze me (do my head in, if you like). Jessie is going home to Canada after her stay in Melbourne. After reading her blog for some time, I feel a real connection with her. It is the usual, a comment on each other's blog. Adding a blogger to your blog roll. Some people you connect with well from what you read. I have not met her but we did accidently come very close to meeting one night.

A word of advice here to other bloggers. Read quite a bit of my blog before you add me. From just reading a couple of my posts, I may turn out to be a disappointment in the long run.

Back to Jess. It occurred to me the other night that I shan't really miss her, because she will continue to blog. Well, she is thinking of not blogging, but that is beside the point. If she continues, then what has changed?

Jess, I am not trying to offend you or anything like that and of course I think you are quite nice, just using you as example for my wandering thoughts. I am very discerning about who goes on my blog roll.

But already she is writing about stuff more familiar to her which has no relevance to us Aussies. Some game show host has retired. CBS. Is that the US tv company or Canadian Broadcasting Service? And I didn't even think she had left the country yet.

It leads me to think, should when you blog, make a conscious effort for world wide readers? It does rather go against the grain of a blog being a personal diary.

Don't worry Jessie, I will continue to read your blog, so long as you continue to write. It is just that there will be posts I will skip I suppose. I am sure it will be great to see your kin again. Safe trip.

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  1. she would have been here at that stage still, she left on saturday.