Thursday, November 23, 2006

Blog Reno

It is about time I did some stuffs to my blog, rather that just write in it. Time to add some new fave bloggers and perhaps remove some old ones. No offence, but if you don't post on your blog, then I don't see that it is wise for me to link to you.

Do you all hate my blog pic as much as I do? Me with a purple background. I must try something new.

What do I do about the neglected 'Stud of the Week'. Maybe put it to pasture for a while. Don't think many bothered looking anyway.

At times I have nothing to write about and then other times my head is so full of matters personal and non personal. I feel anger, jealously, dispare(it is clear that I have never written this word before as I have no idea how to spell it), disenchantment but mostly I am happy with my sad little life. I have family, friends, a partner, a nice place to live, a job and almost enough money to live on. I should be deleriously happy, but I am human.

This post was supposed to be about blog changes. The above just flowed out.


  1. And why can't we have Andrew as stud of the week? You could tease us by starting from the toes up.

  2. Despair. *grin*

    And I agree with Jahteh.

  3. Girls, settle. I am as useful to you as two cows in a paddock. Ah, you go for the safe option without the consequences. Is that the Ren who I found on Daniel's blog a long time ago and shut her blog for a time?

    Gee even blogging is becoming a blast from the past.

  4. When studs are put out to pasture they breed like mad and then you will have more studs than you know what to do with so you might wanna rethink that plan.

    the gravatar pic is fine ... really.

    That AZTEC tram must make the passengers happy. I never go to Melbourne so this is the first time I have seen it.

    'Pimp My Tram' ya kno what I'm sayin?

    (I am Brownie's evil twin sister)

  5. Ah, of Ballroom and six o'clock swill fame. You wrote a nice bit of history which I read ages ago. You been Brownie's sister explains the lack of recent posts.

  6. The perpetual swiller hides her sister in the cellar and the stupid tart hasn't the nouse to dig her way out.

  7. And as for you being useful, you've had your moments and we could revive the memories.