Sunday, November 19, 2006

Beware children

I made a comment on someone's blog once about a link to my blog on their home page. This person has children, who read his blog. Whether they click on linked bloggers or not, I don't know. I was a bit concerned about something I wrote and I did not particularly like the idea of children reading it. I think he commented back that he thought it was an interesting point and he would think about it. I am sure he is the type of father who would closely watch what the kiddies were looking at or doing on the net, but not all are.

And, I don't think that it is a bad thing that kids know about gay people and their lives through blogs. But when a blog gets a bit explicit, well a line has to be drawn somewhere. If kids want to hunt out risque stuff, they can easily do so, but it ought not be presented to them on a platter. I suppose my blog is not really explicit, but it does get close with a few posts. My nightmare is of a gay teen reading my blog and thinking I am a role model. Just musing out loud.


  1. Off-topic, sorry.

    I just noticed a piccie of Rowena Wallace in your flickr thingie. I worked with her on a TV series back in the late 60s: such a lovely person.

    She still came across the same way in the recent TV show Celebrity Makeover.

    (No, I NEVER name drop!)

  2. I have been to classic tv many times to wallow in nostalgia. Do I have it correct in that she was in The Rovers?

    Or search my blog for her name.

  3. Yes, she sure was: