Saturday, November 25, 2006

Barmy Army

Of course Australian cricketers do not play well in fog, cold and rain. It is no wonder we lost the Ashes when we played in England? But do those English know how to waste money?

Fancy paying to come all the way to Australia to see their cricket team defeated. They could have gone to Blackpool, Bognor Regis or even for a nice break on the Costa del Sol to Benidorm.

Talk about living in hope.

A serious aside. Today I watched a bit of cricket. There were some Indian lads having a fairly proper game at Malvern's Central Park. One batter hit the ball out on the full, which I believe results in a score of four or six sprints on the board without him having to get hot and sweaty by dashing the length of the very green grass bit between the wooden posts. And all the catchers spread over the oval clapped him, even though he was on the other team. Is that good sportmanship or what? Wonder if it happens in Ashes matches.


  1. I love the Barmy Army... they are crickets royalty and I enjoy their antics.

    I'm ashamed that our queensland police treated them the way they did.

  2. I do too really. They are quite clever.I guess QLD police were being overly cautious because of the English spectator crowd reputation.