Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Things that puzzle me

1/ Why did my sister have last a Friday night dinner with chef Gabriel Gate? And then text me about it? (later found out she was on a table next to him and did chat to him. They were at some country food festival)

2/ How did she get a accent thingy over the top of the 'e' in his name on her mobile? (Later found out the phone did it auto)

3/ When fuelled by the Scottish doctor the other night, how much will my fifteen minute mobile phone call to Japan cost? (Later found out, rather a lot)

4/ Why does no one learn that to turn right at St Kilda Road traffic lights, you need to actually stop at the stop line to bring up the turn arrow? Ah, stopping at a stop line is too hard. Just stop forward or sometimes back a bit.

5/ Why are all doctor's receptionists so snooty?

6/ Why did Cambodia's Tourism minister arrange to be interviewed on Melbourne's gay radio station? Surely Aussie gays going to Cambodia must be pedos.

7/ Why has Melbourne's Indonesian embassy appointed a gay and lesbian liasion officer, taken from the creme of Melbourne's Asain drag scene? Seems they don't practice their Islam like they preach it.

8/ Why did those people leave their bag of rubbish on the picnic table and not take it with them like everyone else and should I make racial judgements about this?

9/ Why can't I drive a motor car with the confidence I did twenty years ago?

10/ Will it ever rain in Victoria again?


  1. Gawd you're hard to please, it snowed in Victoria last Saturday and you still want rain.

    My beloved gay cousin is off to Thailand and Laos this week and is no pedo, he just loves the people and he is away from the tourist traps.

  2. 6/: Perhaps because of the allure of the so-called "pink dollar"? Surely you know all queens are cashed up and spendthrift. Oh, and paederasts too, of course.

    10/: No.

  3. Jah Teh, away from the tourist traps to me means 'roughing it'. I don't do that, but I admire those who do.

    6/ Partly right I guess. I think he is a gay and he grew up in Melbourne and is not so old.

  4. Ah, forgot ask Jah Teh, is he hot?

  5. Not hot but a gem to me.