Monday, October 30, 2006


Symbolism is important. Saying sorry to our indigenous peoples would not be too hard. I can't believe it would cost anything. And, ya know, we do acutally have a bit to be sorry about. That is the treatment of aborigines in the past by our distant rels. Your argument that you are are newcomer will not wash with me. You would have gone along. It was a different time and standards were different, but that does not make it right.

If done with sincerity, it would be cleansing for us whities and for black fellahs and fellahesses and those in between, it would be stumbling block overcome. The problems will still be there, but we will all feel better about each other. I can just see the tears at the ceremony and the population will cry along too.

I actually think Australia will do better than the Kyoto protocols say we should do, perhaps indirectly. But again symbolism. Why not just damn well sign it. Bother about the details later. While Australia probably cannot ever be green (since it has stopped raining anymore), we can be clean and be an example to the world.

Once we have our act together, then we can strongly pressure India and China and the worst polluter, the US, to move along with us and Europe. Does the US plan to be the dinasour of our time?

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  1. china and india (and brazil) were originally exempted from the kyoto protocol as 'developing' nations.

    they have all since, on their own, signed an altered agreement. originally, the protocol wanted omissions cut by 2010, the revised document for these countries is 2015.

    good on them. now we have no excuse as the reason we didn't sign it was because (the US didn't) these countries were not made to sign it