Friday, October 06, 2006

Outing to Brighton

R told me were going to Brighton for coffee. We parked at the bottom of North Road and walked along in the beautiful sunshine to Middle Brighton Baths.

These cyprus trees are incredibly tall and must be over a hundred years old. It is a very privileged area and some of the houses and apartments are simply stunning. Mind you, I think City of Port Phillip does a much better job of beach cleaning.

The Brighton Antique dealer's husband was a yachtie and she is still a member of the Brighton Yacht Club which is next door to the baths.

We had a lovely brunch watching the fools in the icy water, The Icebergers I think, the gulls and watching the tide come in.

It was a nice surprise for me on a perfect Melbourne day for no particular reason other than R can be extremely nice at times.


  1. Is R for hire? I could do with some nice. Hope the party goes well and post pictures of the cake.

  2. After today, that follows last night when he drank too much, I will happily give him away for free.