Sunday, October 08, 2006

My famous links

While I am not terribly pleased about what they said in their quotes in a newspaper article in one of Melbourne's weekend papers, I do know how things can be 'edited' for purposes of clarity, so I won't say too much.

But yeah, Ada and Andy (only old people will get that), Adam and Andy, both linked on my blog, were very helpful to The Age for their story about public transport enthusiasts.

I no longer buy the Saturday Age as R always manages to find some dream property while reading it to move us to, so I had to wait until we were at a barbecue tonight and a friend had a copy.

Without disrepect to the afore mentioned bloggers, it really was a nothing article that was stretched to four pages.

The photos were ok though, it showed one's face and the other's best angle, and a hot angle it is.

The article also mentioned Mathew who very kindly assisted me with a bus enquiry some time ago. He likes buses.

A person at the barbe asked what I was reading and when I told him, he said, 'Ah, tram fanciers'.


  1. Are you saying my best angle is my arse?

  2. Well, I couldn't see your face anywhere.

  3. Are you saying my best angle is my arse?

    And you're right, it was a nothing article.

    I got a right stirring at work today, and now most of Melbourne and Sydney know what I do for a job. Exciting times.

  4. I did not see a rear pic of you. Slim smooth ass? Think I am interested in that???

    Reading between the lines, one could pretty well work out your job anyway.

  5. only if they pay particular attention to my life...