Sunday, October 29, 2006

Master Reset

Later edit: I forgot to mention the mantle clock which I wound and advanced the hour hand. Also forgot the microwave, but it doesn't show the time anymore, well very faintly. One car clock is done. My sister did not forget daylight saving. She just turned her clock back one hour. Schoolteachers!

The annual rob me of an hour of my life day has arrived again.

Three alarm clocks, tick
Two vcrs, tick
One sound system, tick
One wall clock, tick
Two mobile phones, tick
One air con unit, tick
One landline phone base and two handsets, tick

Two car clocks, pending

One pc, looked after itself
One tv, looked after itself

Now I understand why you can update the tv software over the air. Coz when daylight saving starts earlier next year, the tv won't know about it without an update.

If you are reading this and suddenly it dawns on you that daylight saving has started, don't blame yourself too much. There are a lot of you. Sis, you can make it from Geelong to Lysterfield Park in two hours.


  1. I've got a keyring watch on my purse, forgot that, forgot the tv, forgot the sewing room, forgot the opal paperweight clock, forgot the study. I hate the first day of this rubbish.

  2. First day of daylight savings sux... not only do we lose an hour, we also lose another hour fixing all the damn clocks.

  3. Yeah Jo, quite so, although not really an hour. I don't mind actually, it gives me a reason for being and something to look forward to.