Monday, October 09, 2006

Ladies Bring a Plate

I don't think this happens in any other country in the world. That is where guests to a party or social gathering may be requested bring some food for the party.

Of course invitations are no longer appended with Ladies bring a plate. Usually I think it is, Please bring a plate.

I know some from other countries or cultures would be very offended by guests bringing anything. Some party givers even provide cigarettes for the guests who attend. Well perhaps that one is not appropriate now.

I wonder if this really is an Australian customs and what are it's origins?


  1. It seems to be a cultural thing as I had a Sri Lankan friend who was very offended when we brought food. In the country every one would bring a plate or meat for a BBQ. In the suburbs it doesn't happen as one trundles further up the social scale.

  2. Since I remain at the bottom of the social scale, I guess I will always have to contribute.

  3. Anonymous9:54 pm

    In Canada, at country dinners people say "keep your fork!" as you won't get a new one for cake. Sorta along the same lines. Considered a "country bumpkin" thing.

    Wow, I just totally went on a comment spree on your blog!

  4. You did indeed Jessie, but thanks. I kinda understand the keep your fork thing and country bumpkin, (interesting to know that bumpkin is international. But would bring a plate ever be on an invitation in Canada?

  5. Anonymous9:16 am

    I can't say that I have ever been invited to something where bring your plate was an instruction. It wouldn't surprise me though, but yeah, in my limited experience I havent encountered it.

  6. We do that a lot here in Wales (or Britain generally.) Although I suppose it's more church or community events.

  7. Liz, as I have since been to England after that was written, it was certainly a case of family members contributing food to family gatherings.